Anastasia Dipbrow Awesome

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I have seen this beauty around for a while, and only with such positive feedback. I can only say, how fantastic Dipbrow Pomade by Anastasia is,  so beautiful.

I have to say you only need a flat angel brush and you are all set. I suggest add a little to the back of your hand or straight in the jar, but you only need a smidge, so build slowly.

I brought this simply as I needed a eyebrow option that would be sleek, easy to use, not clumpy, and stay on all day.

This ticks all those boxes, so smooth, does not dry and stays on all day. Im a bit of a terror with my makeup. and very guilty of smudging so this was a pleasant surprise. The colour above is dark brown and I purchased this from Sephora.




Hooray xx SK


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